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Eggs and More Eggs…

May 28, 2011
open it, open it!

It is hard to wait for something. You waited and waited for the quail eggs to arrive but finally they came and hidden in a big box full of packing material, we found the two packages filled with 26 eggs each! Wow! We were given twice as much because we had to wait so long.

    We unwrapped the box very carefully and everyone present held their breath.  Mr Welsh was careful not to squeeze them at all while he handled them. We all have to be very careful about touching the incubator, the temperature knob or even bumping the table.  How many days will we have to wait? About 16 t0 19 days it will take for the chicks to grow inside the eggs and be ready to hatch.


52 eggs are really a lot. So you did some amazing math to help you figure out how many 52 really is.It is 10+10+10+10+10+2. and it is 26+26; and it is 50 +2. There are many ways to make 52.

Most of you hoped all of the eggs will hatch; we talked about the food they would need and the water.  Mr. Welsh placed them all in the incubator and after taking one more picture we closed the top. The temperature will be constantly 99 degrees and we will check the humidity and add water if needed.

In Art you made colorful three-dimensional sculptures out of paper. Ms Cutelis showed you how to make a standing up mountain out of a flat piece of paper by cutting out a small wedge and gluing the sides together. Some of you made fireworks bursting in air!

   On Friday you had Mrs Webber for a substitute, and only 17 children were at school in the class since so many of you skipped town early for the long weekend. Even so, you worked very hard on the 1st page of your Quail Book, which shows the eggs. You paid very close attention to the colors and the shapes. You found ways to illustrate what happens inside the eggs while they are in the incubator.

a table full of writing workshop work

Tell an adult what instruments you played in Music and which song you sang while playing those… (hint: she came around the mountain).  Mrs Webber read a great book one of you had checked out of the library on Wednesday.  Do you remember the story?

The homework will be published at a later date here.

No Star and No Shows

May 20, 2011

Underhanded toss in Morning Meeting Cooperation Game

The much wished for and long promised Quail eggs did not come from the farm this week as anticipated.  The reason given by Carolina Biological, our supplier, was they wanted to be sure to get us good eggs likely to hatch.  So the promise now is the eggs come next Wednesday.  Stay tuned to see.  After they go in the incubator it will be 16 days before the first ones begin to hatch.  You also predicted how many eggs would hatch. There were many guesses! 


This week you wrote full sentences using Heart words, Word Wall words and ones you stretched.  You can help the stretching if you use your arm to tap out the sounds.  Show an adult how you do that.  Mr. Welsh was very happy when everyone made him birthday cards.  You said such nice things.

making fractions with paper

You made fractions this week with paper and wrote them too.  You looked at clocks, different coins and counted by twos and tens.  You remembered the = , + and — signs.  Mr. Welsh put them on the chalkboard and on cards.  You told him what numbers to write and he used the signs (ex. 2+2=4).

The finale of Little Red Ridinghood. by the Murch Players

You saw the Murch Players put on “Little Red Riding Hood”.  It was funny and the actors sang and played their parts well.  Mrs. Smith played the piano.  You were a respectful audience.  Some of you had a chance to see the evening performances as well.

You set a record cleaning up the block corner very quickly on Friday and earned a horseshoe for that. You showed our substitute, Mrs Benson, that you are good listeners when she read a story and poems to you.


Monday May 23rd is Class Picture Day.  Please do not forget to send in your forms and checks if you want a remembrance for this Kindergarten year.

 Homework for the week of May 23, 2011

 Monday  Recite a poem for your family.  Do you remember “True Story”?  That is along one.  Can you do some of it?

 Tuesday   When Mr. Welsh says, “Play with a ball”, do you?  You can do it inside if you roll it.  Do you use different sizes?  Ping pong balls are very good indoor balls.  Remember, the idea is for you to control the ball not to chase it everywhere.

 Wednesday   O.K., O.K.  Did they( those eggs)  come or not?  Write a sentence using the word egg or eggs.  Bring it to school Thursday.

 Thursday    Read a word or words or sentence or story for an adult.

 Friday  Read the Blog this weekend.  What helpful thing can you do for your family this weekend?

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