Valentines and Patterns

the wall of valentines

Valentines Day was great!  Thank you for all the happy cards. You had  fun putting the cards in each of the bags and then pulling them out of our own bags!

You showed us you could  make sentences using our Word Wall words. 

Our Heart Words are on the Word Wall.  You wrote them in Writing Workshop to tell about your pictures.  Some of you drew the domes we talked about.  Eyoel’s drawing of the United States Capitol was very detailed!

The Building Museum was so cool !!! You rode on the bus all through Washington to get to it.


arches and columns make patterns

You enjoyed looking for patterns and seeing the arches and the columns.


sitting on the column base

Remember those really huge columns?  Do you remember how many there were?  They are sometimes called “pillars”.







We will see some really huge pillars in the cathedral.


What was your favorite part of the Building Museum?

Remember there will be no school on Monday February 21, for Presidents’ Day.  How many presidents can you name?  Whose face is on the penny?  Who is on the nickel?  Did I tell you who was on the dime?  You know who is on the one dollar bill.  Thank you to Zach Tulley for putting me on his $100 bill.  We put $100 on our classmate Bill and had a ‘$100 Bill !!’

You have been seeing, making, and playing with all the ways to break a group of 4 into 2 groups ex. 2 and 2, 4 and 0.  Name some more.

…+ …= 4

Take 4 buttons or legos or spoons etc. and show an adult.

Not everyone has had a chance yet to put their heart words in their Heart Word Book.  Mr Welsh is working with just a few children at a time, but of course every one will get a turn.  By the end of the year you will have many words you know by heart.

Remember we will not have sports on Tuesday February 22, as we will be going to The National Cathedral.  Wear walking shoes, because we will be walking a lot there.  What do you think you will see there?

You have learned much about architecture recently. You also finished the Trompe L’Oeil Table cloth you have created together for the Murch Auction.

the tablecloth

Ms Cutelis gave us the large wall hanging for which you painted flowers and leaves.  We decided it would make a great Spring Garden near all those buildings in your block corner.

the garden

Homework for the Week of February 21, 2011

Monday No school today. It is Presidents’ Day. Talk to an adult about presidents. No Star this week.

Tuesday Tell an adult about our field trip to the Cathedral. Group 1 and 2 may share

Wednesday Draw a picture about something you saw at the Cathedral; Bring your drawing to school on Thursday to share with us. Group 3 may share today

Thursday Tell an adult about the words going into your Heart Word Book. Group 4 may share today.

Friday Tomorrow a new blog will be posted on the Murch website. Take a look at what you did this week and what you might look forward to next week!  Have an adult help you read it.

Remarks On Monday February 28, 2011 the  DCPS Parent – Teacher Conferences will take place from noon until 7 PM. The sign up genius system will send you a timely reminder.

Snack Audrey’s family is bringing a healthy snack for 23 children this week. Please bring enough cups and napkins for the week.  Suggestions are: small bagels, fruit, crackers, cheese sticks, carrots.


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