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News Flash!!!!!!   Three Stars in one week!!!!   Ben, Yohanna and Audrey were all stars for one day this week.  Can you tell the person helping you read this why?  Will the Star be a boy or a girl Monday?  What is your favorite book right now?  There is a new month starting Monday.  Know what it is?


some of the halloween paraders

Wow!  What a Halloween Celebration!  Amazing costumes, a huge parade, major excitement and a wonderful, tasty party all made Thursday’s half-day seem like a bigger day than a full day!  If you go out Trick-or-Treating, be sure to stay with a grown-up and be careful.  Remember, “safety first.”  Let an adult check your candy before you eat any. We read several books about Georgie the ghost.  Ask an adult if they remember Georgie from when they were your age.

Our new Word Wall was inaugurated!

This week you began using our Word Wall.  Mr. Welsh has no idea how “poop” got on that wall.  That is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.  Anyway, you can either look to see how a word is spelled or go and get it and bring the word back to your table to copy it.  You can still stretch words (say a word slowly to better hear the sounds).  All of this will help you tell about your pictures with letters and words.

brown bear, brown bear ... what costume did Mr. Welsh wear?

using a card from the word wall

You counted this week by 2’s to 10 and by 10’s to 100.  You counted by ones the days we have been in school.  The sticks in our one and ten cups show how many school days.  We have 4 bundles in the ten cup (40) and 3 sticks in the one cup for a sum of 43.  Do you have sticks or coins or buttons or legos at home that you could count?  Why is it helpful to bundle the sticks when you get to 10?   You have also been making patterns by clapping and chanting and using toys from the shelves.  Do you remember what materials you used (pattern blocks, tiles, cubes, unifix cubes etc.)?


waiting for instructions in P.E.

You found many examples of leaves with some green left.  The chlorophyll was almost gone.  Hey!  My Jack-o-lantern at home is rotting just like Pumpkin Jack!!!!! What can I do with it?

Homework for the week of  November 1, 2010

Monday Who is the Star? What did you learn about the Star? Group 1 may share today. New Sharing groups for November.Note: This advisory, we have Sports  on Monday and Tuesday with Mr. Berger: please remember to wear appropriate shoes and clothes. No sandals. No skirts.

Tuesday Talk to an adult about today’s  elections. Group 2 may share today.

Wednesday Write the name of Washington DC’s Mayor-elect on a piece of paper and bring it to school tomorrow. Group 3 may share today.

Thursday Play with a ball today.  Group 4 may share today.

Friday Tonight a new blog will be posted on the Murch website. Take a look at what you did this week!  Have an adult help you read it.

Remarks Please check to make sure there is  a seasonally appropriate  change of clothing in the cubby.

Snack  Eyoel’s family is bringing a healthy snack for 24 children this week. Please bring enough cups and napkins for the week.  Suggestions are: small bagels, fruit, crackers, cheese sticks, carrots; but please no ‘gogurts’ or candy and cookies!


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