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Party, Snow and No Duck Soup

December 17, 2010
Star and friend enjoy the snow on Thursday this week

Luke was our Star of the Week.  His favorite book was examined for 3 days!  Star’s Choice was Santa Claus and it had a jewel on the front!  Luke was one of a number of kids with creative ideas for our homework Wednesday night writing:  “The  toy  is  Ridiculous!!! ”   You have learned to write words without looking at the Word Wall.  Is, the, mom, dad, are some of the words you now really know by heart. The Word Wall is especially helpful for words you want to write that are a bit hard to remember like Christmas or princess.

It was very cold  and windy this week so we had a lot of indoor recess time.

you are creative at indoor recess

You were able to go outside with Mrs Healy during PE class and practice soccer.

You were cold but you warmed up nicely because you were running so much and had a good time.

Thanks to all of you who bought a book at the Book Fair and gave it to the class.  Every book bought there helps our school.  Some of the money goes to Murch so we can buy more books for the library or other good things that help you learn.  The books you gave us can be enjoyed again and again. Did you know that we read books to you that were given to us over the years?  On Wednesday Mrs Marcus read a book that was given many years ago… It was called The Polar Express.  Tell what happens in the story.
You have produced some beautiful artwork this week and built some amazing structures in the block corner.  Many of the paper creations were useful such as bats, helmets, necklaces, crowns, purses,  and much more!

a butterfly made by several girls over 2 days

In the block corner a system of road ways and ramps were constructed with a great deal of discussion and cooperation (and some loud crashes).

blockcorner ‘under construction’

Of course everyone became highly energized ( grown ups would even say ‘wild’) when it started snowing the day after our wonderful holiday party. What more could we wish for?

holiday party treats

We were able to go out and enjoy it even though some of you got wet socks ( and pants)  everyone had fun and fresh air at the same time.

snowy playground with happy kindergarteners

On Thursday Mrs Marcus got many hands to help wash vegetables so she could quickly prepare the No Duck Soup. A variant of the recipe is in the right sidebar on the blog. Tell an adult why it is called No Duck Soup.


Here is what we used today: 1/2 lbs red lentils,1 bunch of carrots cut, 1 onion diced, 1 bunch of celery cut, 1 can of tomatoes, 2 packs of vegetable broth, 1 bunch of collard greens, ginger, olive oil, some pepper, and 1 pack of elbow macaroni.

soup cooking

We cooked all the veggies until they were soft, we blended it in the food processor and set it aside.

after blending the soup

Then we cooked the pasta and mixed it with the soup. Tell your family  what you thought of this nice wintery soup.

with the pasta it is ready to eat!











On the last day before winter break, there were a number of you absent, but those who were at school had several exciting things happen. First, there was a fire drill: You waited outside, and silently, in line with your coats on for the signal that it was safe to go back into the building.


a nice line

Next, Mr Welsh decided you needed free choice more than Writing Workshop!  Guess what? Some of you still wanted to write anyway, now that shows you like to learn this stuff!  In the library Ms Bell read 3 different books about someone being born. Can you remember some of the stories?  Our library time was quite short since you were invited by the 2nd grade classes to come see their presentation ‘December in our Town’ in the big auditorium. It was packed in there since the whole school and a lot of parents came to see the show.  You might be in this show when you are  in 2nd grade…

You took your ‘Persephone  and the Pomegranate Seeds’ story puppets home. You had worked several weeks in Art to produce them and they looked great. Ms Cutelis performed a play with some of them to show you how you can easily make a show with simple props and a few dolls: all you need is the story and some imagination!

Persephone and a friend go pick flowers

Persephone and Hades are married in the underworld

It was our Star Luke, who made a huge Lego structure this week, which took all 5 days. Mr Welsh said he has never in his whole entire 35 years of teaching seen an Kindergartener make such a big Lego building.  Here is a picture to show you how big that Lego structure was ( now it has been taken apart and all the pieces are back in the lego boxes. ). And that is a big happy smile Luke!

The proud builder

Mr. Welsh’s Happy Holidays Guide

Winter Break 2010-2011

During the Winter Break…

Have fun with your family,

Read books with your family,

Draw with your family,

Play with your family,

Take long walks with your family,

Laugh with your family,

Dance, sing, and eat with your family!

friends in the snow

Happy New Year!!

Mr. Welsh & Mrs. Marcus

The next blog will  be published on Saturday January 8th 2011.

During the Winter break we expect you will have a lot of fun with your family!

一路平安 ( a safe journey) to Eric and Family

December 10, 2010

This was Eric’s last week at school. He will return with his family to Beijing in China. We wish him and his family a safe journey : 一路平安 ,  Yi Lu Ping An,  and we will all miss him.


a chinese airplane

He brought you a nice cupcake treat on Wednesday and his whole family came to the classroom for a little while.

Star Board

Our Star this week was Daphne.  Her Star’s Choice book  was The Bobsey Twins.  It was a mystery chapter book.  We read the first chapter. Chapter books are much longer than the books we usually read.  Daphne has been a great Star.  She plays fair with other kids.  That is good, because she was the police officer in our first trial!

Mr. Welsh was at the courthouse Tuesday doing jury duty and when he came back he told you about what happened there. You were so interested in what goes on. He told about why a jury is needed:  The members of the jury hear the arguments from the lawyers.  The Judge acts like a referee (or maybe the teacher).  We decided to have a pretend(mock)  trial in the class:

In our trial, Daphne had arrested Luke for shooting a gun in the city.  You heard that is against the law.  The prosecutor, Lilly, said Luke’s fingerprints were on the gun!  (It did not look good for Luke!! The crowd chanted “guilty! guilty!”)  Audrey, Luke’s lawyer, said Luke had just found the gun, so of course his fingerprints were on it.  Luke said he did not do it!  The Judge, Mrs. Marcus, told the jury (our class) they would have to decide if they were sure Luke had done it.  The jury could not just think he was innocent or guilty, the evidence had to prove him guilty.  The jury – the rest of the class –  did not take long to decide.  The foreman annnounced, “Not Guilty!!!”  Wow!

Our next case was a pretend civil trial.  Daphne and Jamie were neighbors.  A tree grew right on the line between their yards.  In the tree was a ball.  They both wanted it.  Their lawyers (Eyoel for Jamie and Zach T. for Daphne) argued.  Jamie saw it first, Eyoel said.  Daphne’s lawyer, Zach T, said Daphne planted the tree.  Gus, the judge, said, “Why can’t you just share it?”  The lawyers said “no!”  Jamie said “O.K.”, but Daphne said “no.”  It was pointed out that mediation with Anina had been tried but had failed, so the case had to come to court. Eyoel, Jamie’s lawyer, said the ball was in the branches of the tree hanging over Jamie’s yard.  Zach T, Daphne’s lawyer said, “It depends on how you look at it.”  The judge told the jurors they had to pick one child to get the ball.  Gus sent them off to decide.  They were back in a jiffy.  Isabella told the judge “Daphne gets the ball.”  Wow again! there was a lot of discussion after the jury’s verdict about how the decision was reached.

In Writing Workshop you have been drawing and writing.  Some of us have drawn pictures of the trials in our classroom.

the civil trial in process

On Friday Mr. Welsh let you decide between having a civil or a criminal trial.  You chose a criminal trial. He said cooperation is necessary if the court is going to work.  You did a good job taking turns, listening, being polite and accepting the verdict.  Can you tell what happened in our last trial?  Alex’s bike was stolen!!!  A witness saw someone who looked like Fiona riding in the neighborhood!!!!  Can you remember what happened next?

Patterns are us! You have made some amazing patterns using all kinds of materials in the room.  Look!!!  here are a number of pictures with those. You have also been counting and forming numerals.  Keep up the good work!

In the block corner the new ramps are continuing to inspire you to new heights of engineering. See for yourself how complex your building has become. Well done!

3 tiered ramps

long ramp with attached building

Homework: Week of December 13, 2010

Monday Who is the last Star of 2010? Tell an adult something you learned about him. Group 1 may share today.

Tuesday Do you recall your address and phone number? And can you recite a poem we have been saying recently? (ex. ‘If You Don’t Believe in Dragons,” “My Dragon’s Been Disconsolate,” The Folks Who Live in Backward Town,” “ Hungry Kid Island.” Group 2 may share today.

Wednesday Can you finish this idea: “ The ___________ is ____________ ? Stretch the 2 words you thought of and write the whole sentence on a piece of paper. Please bring it in tomorrow. Group 3 may share today

Thursday What are these shapes?



Where do you see them at school? How would you use these shapes? Group 4 may share today.

Friday Tonight a new blog will be posted on the Murch website.  It is the last blog for 2010. Take a look at what you did this week!  Have an adult help you read it.  Enjoy your Winter break . We will see you back at school on January 3, 2011.

Remarks It is important that your child know his/her address by heart, please help your child memorize the address.

Snack Bill’s family is bringing a healthy snack for 23 children this week. Please bring enough cups and napkins for the week.  Suggestions are: small bagels, fruit, crackers, cheese sticks, carrots.



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